Sparkling Wines

Our Sparkling wines are high quality, fresh and have fine and uniform bubbles. For this type of wine we use Chardonnay and Moscatel of Alejandría grapes.
Our Punch is a sparkling wine of low alcohol grade mixed with natural fruit pulp like pineapple, strawberry, peach, and custard apple. They have been on the Chilean market since the beginning of the company business.

Espumante Demi Sec

Santa Catalina Demi Sec

This sparkling wine has a light yellow – green color, has a fresh and intense aroma of tropical fruits and citrus. This wine has fine, uniform, and lasting bubbles.

Ponche En Piña

Pineapple Punch

This Punch is made with natural pulp and 8 percent of alcohol, it is refreshing and has a light lemon-yellow color and an intense aroma and flavor of pineapple.