Our Wines

Santa Catalina wines are characterized by their excellent quality, remarkable flavor and elegance ever since it was founded in 1922.
Red, white,and sparkling wines of outstanding quality are produced in the most recognized wine region of Chile, the Central Valley, including Maipo and Curicó Valleys.

Great Reserve Wines

Our Great Reserve wines combine a very good structure, a red ruby color, are big-bodied and have great volume and length on the palate.
We take care of every detail during winemaking, crafting and aging in French oak barrels, until achieving the highest quality and the most admirable wines for our customers.

Reserve Wines

Our Reserve wines combine an excellent aroma along with complexity in mouth. This is achieved due to the excellent winemaking techniques and aging in French oak barrels.

Varietal Wines

Our Varietal Santa Catalina wines seek to represent the original and natural characteristics of color, aroma, freshness, and taste of the different variety of grapes produced. Fruity, young and enjoyable to the palate.

Sparkling Wines

Our Sparkling wines are high quality, fresh and have fine and uniform bubbles. For this type of wine we use Chardonnay and Moscatel of Alejandría grapes.
Our Punch is a sparkling wine of low alcohol grade mixed with natural fruit pulp like pineapple, strawberry, peach, and custard apple. They have been on the Chilean market since the beginning of the company business.